Bahasa Inggris Bisnis taks 15


1. The employees responsible for carrying out general office duties, filling in forms and keeping statistics are…
a   clerks       b   accountants       c   supervisors
2. The employees who sell a company’s products are the sales representatives, usually known as ………..
a   vendors       b   renters       c   reps
3. The employees who decide what to purchase, and who make the purchases of  finished goods or components to be  made into goods, are the ………..
a   choosers       b   procurers       c   buyers
4.  The employees who are responsible for seeing that the finished goods are well made are the
a   packers       b   quality controllers       c   financial staff
5.  The clerical workers who use typewriters or word processors and who produce letters, memos or othe documents, are ………..
a   secretaries       b   editors       c   copywriters
6.  The employees who check a company’s financial affairs are the …………
a   statisticians       b   accountants       c   counters
7. The employees who are responsible for preparing checks, pay packets and pay slips are the …………
a   wages clerks       b   filing clerks       c   paying clerks
8. The workers who process data, under the control of managers and supervisors, are the computer …….
a   hackers       b   operators       c   screeners
9. The person who greets a visitor and tells him or her how to get to the right office is the ……….
a   manager       b   president       c   receptionist
10.  The employees who deal with a company’s telephone calls are the
a   VDU operators       b   telex operators c   switchboard operators
11. The Board of ……is responsible for deciding on and controlling the strategy of a corporation or company.
a   Workers       b   Directors       c   Control
12.  Small businesses depend on investors providing ………capital.
a   venture       b   individual       c   cooperative
13. Investors are influenced by the projected ………. on their capital.
a   market       b   return       c   rate
14. The capital needed to run a business is provided by ………..
a   gain       b   risk       c   investment
15. Rent and rates, which do not change as turnover volume changes, make up the …….costs of a company.
a   fixed       b   contribution       c   variable


the answers :

1. C. Supervisors
2. A. Vendors
3. B. Procurers
4. B. Quality controllers
5. C. Copywriters
6. B. Accountants
7. A. Wages Clerks
8. B. Operators
9. C. Receptionist
10. A. VDU Operators
11. B. Directors
12. C. Cooperative
13. A. Market
14. C. Invesments
15. A. Fixed


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